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  1. Phonebloks

  1. Novena

  2. Purism’s Librem (on CrowdSupply),, PureOS

  3. Cryptophone

  4. Silent Pocket Faraday Cage Sleeves


  1. uBlock Origin: Chrome, Opera (uBlock), Mozilla, Safari (uBlock)

  2. hosts:


  1. SRWare Iron - no-spyware Chrome compilation (Windows/Mac OS X/Linux)

  2. Pale Moon - XSS-filtering Firefox compilation (Windows/Linux, unofficial Mac OS X)


  4. Track_me_not - Chrome, Firefox

  5. Google Redirect Remover - Firefox

  6. Remove Facebook Redirection - Chrome, Opera, Firefox

  7. Facebook Redirect Fixer - Chrome

  8. Self-destructing cookies - Firefox

  9. Reader View - Opera, Chrome

  10. Facebook Unseen - Chrome

  11. Facebook Chat Privacy - Chrome


  1. OpenPGP on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

  2. Tor Project

  3. Qubes OS (mature, with Whonix, Windows 7 TemplateVM’s)

  4. Subgraph OS (alpha)

  5. TAILS (The Amnesic Incognito Live System)

  6. HTTPS Everywhere

  7. +TrueCrypt v. 6.3a (!!!!)

  8. Qubes versus Whonix versus Tor

  9. Ricochet

  10. The Great Fire - Circumvention Central

  11. Unfiltered News

  12. Security Without Borders

  13. Prism-Break

  14. Signal - Open Whisper Systems

  15. ProtonMail

  16. coreboot

  17. Marble (google/bing maps replacement)

  18. FreedomBox

  19. Bromium - commercial security layer on top of Windows, and a security blog


  1. FREAK Attack test & description

  2. Panopticlick test & description

  3. SHAttered



  1. Bromium Blog: President Trump’s Executive Orders Will Damage US Cybersecurity. Here’s Why.


  1. Berlin Logan CIJournalism Symposium 2016: Future of OS - with Joanna Rutkowska (Qubes), David Mirza Ahmad (Subgraph), Tails, and Jakob Appelbaum as moderator

    “In an era of mass surveillance the need for independent, reliable and usable Operating Systems is fundamental. In previous times, political movements needed their own printing press for circumventing propaganda and repression. In the digital age we need independent Operating Systems to protect our freedom of speech and freedom of action. The creation of independent OS is both a technological challenge and a social, political and economic challenge. To protect and encrypt yet offer transparency of control, and make it easy to use for all of us, is a great challenge. Trusting hardware, software and organisational structure is an issue from building all the way to using the OS.”

  2. Berlin Logan CIJournalism Symposium 2016: Fighting the Global Arena with David Mirza Ahmad, Alison Macrina and Julian Assange, Jérémie Zimmermann as moderator

    “From journalists to techies, from artists to activists, from experts to entertainers; everybody is needed to fight for the right to privacy, transparency and revolution. Our special guests will present a spectrum of spectacular actions.
    More than five years ago Julian Assange built a sophisticated submission system that both promised and delivered security for whistleblowers around the world. It has led to a virtual explosion of publicly accessible information that governments and corporations have desperately tried to conceal. Disclosures of corruption, mass murder and illegal governmental activities on a huge scale are now irretrievably in the public domain.
    The battle began with WikiLeaks and expanded dramatically with the Snowden revelations. Sadly, the universality of surveillance has meant that conventional computer systems are so compromised and vulnerable that radical new solutions are required.
    In defence of personal freedom and privacy, the Subgraph team has built a highly secure new operating system that will be launched at this session. This long awaited new OS will hopefully provide a framework of protection for the future.”

  3. Jacob Appelbaum at the Berlin Logan CIJ Symposium 2016: “Your politics are in everything that you write”

  4. 33c3 - Will Scott and Philipp Winter: State of Internet Censorship - 2016

  5. (papers) Selected Research Papers in Internet Censorship

  6. (paper) Robust De-anonymization of Large Sparse Datasets

  7. 33c3 - Claudio Guarnieri: Hacking the world

  8. 33c3 - Bill Marczak and John Scott-Railton: Uncovering Nation-State Mobile Espionage in the Wild

  9. Snowden: FBI doesnt require Apple’s help to unlock an iPhone, they already know everything

  10. We Want You In Charge: Iceland’s Pirates Now Largest Political Party

  11. More than 1 million People now access Facebook Over Tor Network.


  1. 32c3 - Roger Dingledine, Jacob Applebaum, Mike Perry, Shari Steele, Alison Macrina: State of the Onion

  2. Top 5 Jacob Applebaum’s responses - 2015 Cybersecurity - Tor - Snowden

  3. 32c3 - Joanna Rutkowska: Towards (reasonably) trustworthy x86 laptops / (Intel ME/AMT/vPro considered harmful) + whitepaper (PDF) + wikipedia article

  1. 32c3 - Matthew Garrett: Beyond Anti-Evil Maid

  2. CrowdStrike’s 2015 Global Threat Report (with webcast recording)

  3. OpenPGP experimental feature in facebook’s profile (an article by facebook about it’s new Tor gate (https://facebookcorewwwi.onion/)


  1. CopyCamp 2014 - Birgitta Jónsdóttir

  2. Libreplanet 2014 - Jacob Applebaum: Free software for freedom, surveillance and you (transcript)

  3. Jacob Appelbaum - People Think They’re Exempt From NSA

  4. Jacob Appelbaum - 2 Hour Talk in India + Q&A on Drone Attacks, CypherPunks & Alternate Systems


  1. 30c3 - Claudio Guarnieri, Morgan Marquis-Boire: To protect and infect part 1

  2. 30c3 - Jacob Applebaum: To protect and infect part 2

  3. 30c3 - Annie Machon: The Four Wars - Terror, whistleblowers, drugs, internet


  1. 1996 - A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace

  2. 2008 - whitepaper “Report on dangers and opportunities posed by large search engines, particularly Google” (PDF)

    H. Maurer, Co-author, editor and responsible for the project, Institute for Information Systems and Computer Media, Graz University of Technology. Co-authors in alphabetical order: Dipl. Ing. Dr. Tilo Balke, L3S Hannover Professor Dr. Frank Kappe, TU Graz Dipl. Ing. Narayanan Kulathuramaiyer, TU Graz Priv. Dozent Dr. Stefan Weber, Uni Salzburg Dipl. Ing. Bilal Zaka, TU Graz

  3. 29c3 - Jacob Appelbaum: NSA Utah Spy Data Center

  4. 27c3 - Sylvia Johnigk: INDECT an EU-surveillance project

  5. 23c3 - Joanna Rutkowska: Stealth malware - can the good guys win?

  6. 21c3 - Joanna Rutkowska: Passive covert channels in the Linux kernel

  7. 1992 - The Crypto Anarchist Manifesto


  1. International Modern Media Institute

  2. CitizenFour (2014) - an Oscar for Best documentary, 43 awards and 34 nominations

  3. Silenced (2014) - 1 award and 1 nomination

  4. Mr. Robot (2015)


  1. Cypherpunks - Freedom and the Future of the Internet

  2. When Google met Wikileaks

  3. Edwin Black - IBM and the Holocaust: The Strategic Alliance Between Nazi Germany and America’s Most Powerful Corporation


  1. WHISPeR - Whistleblower and Source Protection